31th International PLEA Conference


'paper for publication' template

Did you submit a paper and it was accepted by the Scientific Committee of Plea2015? Congratulations!

Now all you need is to

SUBMIT here your publication by 12th of July

1) Your paper for final publication in WORD format (.DOC or .DOCX)with maximum file size of 3 MB. File name must be P_your ID number.doc

  • USE this template (please note that only the first page and the logo are different from the template used for the previous paper submission)
  • INCORPORATE suggestions from reviewers
  • REMEMBER that the research summary corresponds to your answer to the main question Which are your architectural (R)solutions to the social, environmental and economic challenges of today?
  • DO NOT exceed 8 pages


2) The portrait photo of the speaker who will attend to the conference (minimum height: 640 pixel, minimum width: 480 pixel)


3) The key image (minimum height: 630 pixel, minimum width: 1575 pixel)


How will I present the content of my research?

You'll find on MyPlea Presentation folder if your research will be presented orally through poster or orally through powerpoint. Both formats are equally important for Plea.

For more information on the conference format please go to http://www.plea2015.it/conference_format/  

By the 07th of August you are required to submit the slides or poster file in the correct format (PPT or PDF)

Powerpoint and Poster Templates available here:



SUBMIT here your poster/powerpoint presentation by 07th of August


Did you submit a paper but it was not accepted by the Scientific Committee of Plea2015?

Join us at Plea2015 conference for networking. Reserve your ticket here. We welcome you then in Bologna, 9-11 September 2015! You still have the opportunity to send your abstract next year for Plea2016 California.

 Why should I submit the paper version for publication by the 12th of July?

Our publisher needs soon the material to be collected into the book of papers.

Why the research summary cannot exceed one page?

The book of papers will collect the hard copy of the first page of all accepted papers. In this way we highlight your research summary where you clearly state your answer to the main question: which are your architectural (r)solutions to the social, environmental and economic challenges of today?

The full content of each paper will be available through the QR code; all approved final full papers will also be published as softcopies on a USB-memory stick.

Will the book of papers have an ISBN code?

Yes, one ISBN code for the hard copy and one for the soft-copy of the complete book.


Kindly note that

Plea accepts one paper per registration (i.e. each paper requires a registration to be published).

One registration allows for one paper to be presented by one speaker only.

Printed posters will be also exposed in the same hall. All posters will be printed by Plea2015 Organizing Team

PLEA 2016 - Los Angeles

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